Lasagna Composting….Cardboard and Straw…Part One

So I have been collecting cardboard now for months…My husband was a bit unsure of the stack piling up in the garage. I kept assuring him that I did indeed have a plan…

DSCN5835 - CopyI did not mention that I was not 100% sure of my plan. I just decided to leap with the intention that I am growing my soil in the healthiest and most natural way for the planet.

DSCN5836 - CopyHere is what my semi de-weeded strip across the back yard looks like on Saturday morning.

DSCN5838And…here is what it looked like three hours or so later…I removed all the tape and staples from all the boxes. I did not think those things would compost too well. Boy there was a lot of tape.

DSCN5842I filled this bucket over three times…

DSCN5837The wind only picked up once. Thank goodness. This is what part one of stage one looked like. After I completed this stage I read that I should have watered down the boxes at this point. I did not for future reference.

DSCN5850Next the boys and I applied the straw. I bought two bales form the feed store here in town. We enjoyed our visit to the feed store. We are having bunny and chicken dream…but I will save that for another post.

DSCN5851So big step on our path to our sustainable family garden. Next step bring in the soil…and build a cold frame…huh…exactly my thoughts as well. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Peace …Love and Light..


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One thought on “Lasagna Composting….Cardboard and Straw…Part One

  1. Be sure to tell us how it worked.

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