Winter…A Time for making a plan

It is winter…and we are having a pretty frosty season this time around the calendar. I have discovered that there is a reason for every season. And this my friends is the season to plan.

IMG_20130131_091805And make lists…

IMG_20130131_091834 IMG_20130131_091826And study up what (read everything) I need to know about starting a sustainable permaculture garden…

IMG_20130131_092111There is so much to learn and discover. I am really enjoying the process. My intention is to grow as much of my family’s vegetables that I can.


My mother sent me a wonderful gift of an abundance of vegetable seeds.

IMG_20130131_091817I thought I was starting so early with my planning….but we are getting ready to build the beds and start some seedlings…

I am so grateful for the time and space to be able to create our garden. It is also so transformational to watch my children absorbing this process.

Teach a child to grow his own food and he will never go hungry


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