Got Wood? ….We do…

Besides creating a sustainable garden…my intention is to re-purpose, recycle and reuse as much material as I can in the building.

So thanks to my brother-in-laws influence….I search Craigslist on a regular basis for free stuff…You never know what you can find. I found the posting for free new untreated wood…yesterday. There were bins of different sizes…

DSCN5879I headed straight out to Sonoma…after I contacted them and loaded up all the round fence posts they had.

IMG_20130130_115254My tires were a little low..heavy load….And here was that bin after I was done…

DSCN5880Got it home and unloaded the whole lot…into the front yard. So excited to create the keyhole garden in the front yard and I think this wood will work perfectly.

IMG_20130130_165309We had lunch and picked up oldest son from school and headed back to Sonoma to pick up load number 2.

DSCN5882I found all this at a fence company that just needed to get rid of basically all their remnants. Next load 4 x 4’s….

IMG_20130130_152003I am going to figure out a way to create patchwork wood beds using these as the sides…

IMG_20130130_165438Now I need to manifest some 2×6’s or 2×12’s…and screws…

Think I better start some seedlings…

Peace. Love and Light…


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