Starting Seeds in Mini-DIY-Greenhouses

This feels like the right time to say…I am winging this whole thing…We don’t even have beds made or dirt brought in. But I am Manifesting Abundance and growing our vegetables is on my path. And of course Punxsutawney Phil said we will have an early Spring…so better keep moving forward.

DSCN5887So I am going to proceed with planting my seeds starts. After much research I discovered that we were going to need a “cold frame”. You can purchase a really cute one for around 100 bucks. You can make one….that is when I realized that I really need a table saw. Then I found this amazing post on making your own Mini-Greenhouses. On the blog A Garden for the House. DSCN5888Basically you turn gallon jugs, or any plastic container into a mini- greenhouse.

DSCN5903Poke holes in the bottom with a Phillips screwdriver heated over a flame. Cut in half with an Exacto knife leaving a hinge.

DSCN5907Add seed starting mix and moisten.

DSCN5904 Please visit the site I linked it has great directions on the process.

DSCN5911Then I placed them outside. Supposedly you can just leave them like this and they will sprout. We’ll see. I will keep you posted. We do not have snow or terribly a lot of rain here in Northern California. So may open and water to keep them moist.

Started today…Calabrese Broccoli, Snowball Cauliflower, California Wonder Pepper, Beefsteak Tomato, Yellow Spanish Onions, Golden Acre Cabbage, Detroit Dark Red Beets.

IMG_20130202_113535I also created a Monthly Planting List. I will keep this updated as I start, transplant and then harvest.

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6 thoughts on “Starting Seeds in Mini-DIY-Greenhouses

  1. Good luck and good growing!

  2. I did something like that too! I use zip lock bag, jars and produce containers…

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