Keyhole Garden – Phase One

Yesterday I found the motivation…after a week or two of second guessing myself. I finally went with my intuition and laid down the first layer of my Keyhole Garden.

DSCN5915First I trimmed up the hedges on the sides. I will eventually take these down. As this front yard has the perfect exposure for the Flame and Green Table Grapes I plan to plant here.

DSCN5922I have been collecting cardboard for a while…Thanks to the well intentioned friends of mine at Whole Foods. I have a garage full of boxes. So fitting that I should be using bread and pastry boxes as the base for my sustainable future…nothing in this lifetime is an accident.

DSCN5919So I begin the layering….

DSCN5920And more layering…the amount of cardboard that you need is deceiving…you need a lot!

DSCN5921Getting ready to wet it down…want to make sure this layer is soaked through. We are expecting rain tomorrow, so I wanted to get this laid down to get the help of the clouds.

DSCN5924We laid down the fence posts to weigh down the cardboard. Then we turned on the sprinkler last night to give it a good soak. Did not know if wind was coming…don’t think the neighbors would appreciate a yard full of this.

DSCN5923Did a rough keyhole layout just for fun…What’s next?

Nitrogen! I am thinking Chicken Manure and Straw…

Peace…Love …and Keyhole Gardens…

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