Creation sometimes means (a little) destruction

After much soul searching, and deep communicating with the Loquat Tree. I decided to cut it down.

DSCN5953It is the only Northern most wall in my backyard. A perfect place for an extended raised bed…except for a tree…and I am not a big fan of the Loquat…I tried really hard to like them last year…not so much.

DSCN5961So now I have my herb garden bed. I also would like to plant a 4 grafted espaliered apple tree against the fence. Red Gravenstein, Black Arkansas, Gala and Yellow Delicious. How wonderful that all of our favorite apples  grow perfectly here in zone 9 with 876 chill hours!

DSCN5963So bye bye Loquat…Hello herbs and apples! My little herbs that I pulled out of the ground when I started this are hanging on…waiting for their feet to get back in the soil. These are some super tough guys.

Peace and Northern Light


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2 thoughts on “Creation sometimes means (a little) destruction

  1. Mary Cirello on said:

    Angela You are a true gardner. Make that plot of land work for you. Those apples will taste much better. Especially when they are made into apple butter for the family to enjoy. Keep up the good work.Mary

  2. Thank you. That means a lot! Yum Apple Butter…

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