Black Gold…

The keyhole garden is beginning to actually look like something resembling a garden and not a manger.

DSCN5991So I decided to add gravel to support the posts from rolling when I added the soil inside. Last minute idea…

DSCN5998Good thing my WHOLE yard is gravel. Did not have to go very far.

DSCN5993So another free item to add to my list.

DSCN5994And then I got to start adding the compost to the beds.

DSCN6001I am getting a good workout from this process. So I guess that is an added bonus.

DSCN6003Benny did not want me taking any breaks! No sir!

DSCN6004Get back to work Mama. He is a hard task master!

DSCN6005So I think I need another 1/ 2 cubic yard to get them as full as I would like. We have definitely turned the corner today.

DSCN6009 Transformation is powerful!

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One thought on “Black Gold…

  1. It’s looking good! I like your little helper.

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