I am doing the Compost Dance!

Yay! Today we visited Sonoma Compost for the first time.

DSCN5971Basically it is at the dump/landfill site…very interesting on the top of a hill with a beautiful view of cows grazing down below.

DSCN5970Ignorance is bliss…I had no concept of how much a cubic yard of compost was…BTW…I do now!

DSCN5972So I asked the lovely lady inside for a cubic yard …she smiled and said why don’t you start with a half yard and come see me after you have bagged that and let me know if you want more….Okey dokey..We went and found Julian , the man driving the big scooper truck and asked him for 1/2 a cubic yard of Organic Hi-Test Compost.

DSCN5974He came and dumped it out for us…

DSCN5979And I put Mr. Benjamin to work…:-)

DSCN5980I had 28 hefty bags…there were some very nice folks next to us scooping away as well. I think the lady was amazed I was crazy enough to be out there doing this on my own…let alone with a 3 year old. She gave me some of here extra bags when they left.

DSCN5981Which I ended up using all but one. The universe is there to help me every step of the way!

DSCN5983Ben pooped out pretty early on. I scooped for an hour and a half. When I returned to the office to pay..She said oh my I forgot you were even here.

DSCN5973It was a joy to scoop that beautiful compost. My car was completely full. I paid $10.28. Amazing!

DSCN5987So my garden days are either working in the garden or collecting supplies. This was as far as I got the compost bags.

DSCN5989I did manage to go out to the farm store and get another bale of straw. Tomorrow will be introducing compost to straw! We might actually have something that resembles a garden. Check back!

DSCN5988I am sore but my garden is taking me on a beautiful journey and I am loving every moment!

Peace and Beautiful Light to you…


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One thought on “I am doing the Compost Dance!

  1. There’s lots of work coming, but it’ll all be worth it!

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