Bye Bye Mr. Potato Bush

This hedge, although very pretty when flowering, was blocking sunlight from 50% of my newly created keyhole garden. So again after much deliberation…because I am reading Gaia’s Garden and I do not just want to rip plants out just for the sake of it.

DSCN6042It had to go…Bye Bye Mr. Potato Bush.

DSCN6043I felt like the garden took a big deep breath and could breathe!

DSCN6041Now I just need a little help from the hubs in getting the stump out.

DSCN6045I also finished creating the bed under the front window. Amazing all this wood was free!

DSCN6047The front yard is beginning to make it our of my mind and onto the ground. Amazing Transformation.

DSCN6050We have volunteer Rosemary blooming, Tulips and California Poppies sprouting leaves.

DSCN6048Look closely…

DSCN6049The bees are loving the Rosemary

Grow food not lawns!

Peace. Love and Light!


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5 thoughts on “Bye Bye Mr. Potato Bush

  1. Are those tulips????
    Bye, bye Mr. Potato bush. You could put Mandevilla Brazilian Jasmine on that fence and keep it laced out. Or, maybe you could put another vine that produces something edible. I know, I know. You don’t want to defeat the purpose of removing Mr. Potato bush. I’m just thinking out loud.

  2. Let that sun shine in, yeaaa!

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