Houston….we have Sprouts!



DSCN6024Sweet Peas xx




Forgive me if I got them confused…the little cotyledons all look similar on the Brassicas at this stage…

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4 thoughts on “Houston….we have Sprouts!

  1. They are confusing at first one sure is peas! Yea, you got seedlings!!!!!!!

  2. That’s supposed to say: the first one sure is peas, ooops.

    • Yes first one is peas. Fortunately I did mark the containers that I have sprouted them in…it was just remembering after I took the pics. I even went back and looked again… But most importantly we have sprouts. Thanks for following my garden progress…

  3. You’re welcome. It’s interesting seeing and hearing what other gardeners are doing. I have a few seedlings growing too, cabbage, and just planted tomato seeds. The cabbage can go out a little earlier than the tomatoes. Grow on!

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