Sweet “Pea” Serendipity

The “Lincoln Peas” have been by far the fastest growing seeds I have planted so far. I am still saving my pennies to get my large delivery of soil/compost. So I have not begun direct seeding…as of yesterday.

DSCN6072Yesterday afternoon was when my serendipity hit! A friend called…Hey she said…there is a bunch of chicken wire around the corner from you with a big free sign on it! Boom…there it is …in my garage now…thank you very much friend!

DSCN6086DSCN6085So this morning my brain started processing….hum I had some old bamboo sticks somewhere…I found them…next thing you know my hands were creating this…

DSCN6065I actually made two of them…and then created my pea trellis…

DSCN6069I think it looks pretty cool…

DSCN6070The ever so gently I transplanted the pea sprouts…

DSCN6084I have heard they do not transplant well…so we will see how they do…I also direct seeded four more seeds.

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One thought on “Sweet “Pea” Serendipity

  1. Ingenuity! You built a great trellis. Free is such a good word. Grow on!

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