Holy Compost Delivery Batman!

I am doing the happy dance!

IMG_20130404_091920When the Sonoma Compost Delivery truck showed up bright and early this morning!

IMG_20130404_092255Even though it is raining…No worries…This is the Vineyard Mulch that I am going to top my beds with…think it will look a little nicer than straw…especially in the front yard.

IMG_20130404_092816And this guy, Nephretully (that was his name) Tully for short, was amazing! He would just run up that truck bed in the vertical position and hang on and scrape out that last little bits of precious compost. B was really digging it!

IMG_20130404_093526And he helped me cover the whole thing up…so my 1713 shovel fulls are lighter than mud!

Happy Early Birthday present to me…Thanks NB & GB love you! xoxo

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3 thoughts on “Holy Compost Delivery Batman!

  1. Now you are ready to ROLL!

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