The garden universe… a perfect bubble

My children blew bubbles. The hubs was shoveling, wheelbarrowing and dumping. My job was to direct the dumps and spread out the luscious compost with love.

DSCN6293We all had a good time. Our neighbors down the street lent us a wheelbarrow and they generously helped us scoop for two days.

DSCN6295Slowly but surely the straw has all been covered with at least 6 inches of compost.

DSCN6322We made many trips to the back yard. Here is our well worn path.

DSCN6314Now the backyard beds are beautiful and ready to be planted. All the milk jugs on the table are full of seeds I have sprouted that are ready to go in the ground.

DSCN6319The Keyhole Garden is mounded.


DSCN6320Just the mulching left. Do you plant seeds and transplants and then mulch?

DSCN6321Or do you mulch and then dig through to plant? Humm…Here is the driveway all that remains is the pile of mulch.

Happy Spring!

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