Teepee? Tipi? Tepee? Spelling hints…

However you spell them…The Teepees are up!

DSCN6363The hubs helped me assemble this one today

DSCN6365The wind has been howling all day! Today would have been my dad’s 83 birthday. He was out there with us today…that is for sure!

DSCN6364It felt like the right day to erect my crowning glory!

IMG_20130412_145148They are up at the school as well.

IMG_20130412_145020The 3rd graders have planted peas at their bases.

DSCN6366For now I have planted Morning Glories at their feet. I will plant some pole beans a little later.

Good Day in the Garden…Farmers Tans all around our home this evening!

Peace and Teepees!


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3 thoughts on “Teepee? Tipi? Tepee? Spelling hints…

  1. Mieke Benton on said:

    Great job! Looks really good. And fun you are doing this with the kids at school!

  2. Hi Angela, I found your blog looking for teepees on pinterest. I love your step by step through your whole process and the great pictures that show the whole picture.So many blogs just show close-ups it is hard to really grasp what is going on. I think I read your whole blog! You did an amazing job and looks like you were well rewarded. Hope you are still gardening and having fun. Thanks for sharing. A garden friend.

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