Mulch Madness!

After one week of scooping compost…I had this pile left…this is the vineyard mulch.

IMG_20130416_151844In the past week I have gone into serious mulch madness!

IMG_20130416_151851I do not think I have ever mulched in my life…at least not at this level of garden intention!

IMG_20130416_151906At our current juncture…there is not a spot left in my yard that is un-mulched..

IMG_20130417_114624It makes everything look so clean and fresh…

IMG_20130417_114611I have mulched things here and there….

IMG_20130416_151918and everywhere…

to be continued


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3 thoughts on “Mulch Madness!

  1. It does make it look nice, and saves on weeding. Teepee poised and ready to go too……….

  2. This is beginning to sound like a Dr. Seuss book. πŸ˜‰

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