Garden Vibration

Some friends were over enjoying the garden and they have a new interest in roses. Perhaps some roses have the highest vibration of any flower? Sounds very interesting…

IMG_20130424_123621I am giving thanks to the garden loving soul who resided in this garden many earthly moons ago. I think she is here and appreciating my tending…Because all kinds of volunteer blooms are appearing.

IMG_20130424_123507This next bush popped up out of nothing…

IMG_20130424_123714IMG_20130424_123705The view down the side has been beautified by these amazing blooms

IMG_20130424_123836At the front of the garden we find this white beauty with a red rose intertwined

IMG_20130424_123545And the bigger view on this one

IMG_20130424_123649The roses make us feel good

IMG_20130424_123613There is one glorious red bush gracing the backyard

IMG_20130424_123736Definitely a different variety than the ones in the front.

IMG_20130424_123752My neighbor down the block suggested that I stop pulling these out. Because she thinks they are Gladiolas. So I am watering them and they are growing and we’ll see if they want to flower…

IMG_20130424_123448So many thanks go out to the gardener that lived here before me…I am reviving your ground.

Happy Spring

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4 thoughts on “Garden Vibration

  1. Roses are the very best flower. Yours are beautiful! The previous gardener would be so pleased with your good care of these wonderful flowers.

  2. What a beautiful garden! I wish you the best of luck with it. 🙂

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