I think I need to stop watching the kettle…

I watch my garden every day and I think I am almost blind to things growing because I watch them  so much. When I take a break and get caught up in some other part of my life and I come back.

IMG_20130507_152150And I realize things are growing faster than I realize.

IMG_20130507_152202Hopefully they will grow faster than the bugs can eat them…Anyone have organic snail and slug fixes? I would be ever so happy to hear them.

IMG_20130507_152139Other than that…things are going great.

IMG_20130507_152049I got these Red Raspberry plants and a couple Golden Raspberries from a lady in Petaluma.

IMG_20130507_152120Herbs are growing well

IMG_20130507_143958IMG_20130507_143938IMG_20130507_143932IMG_20130507_143923I have already filled the potatoes with dirt 2 times

IMG_20130507_143901Have some Red Onions going

IMG_20130507_143657And some PepperoncinisIMG_20130507_143752So garden is growing…slowly but surely…

IMG_20130508_091300If these little dudes don’t eat it all before we have a chance to!

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One thought on “I think I need to stop watching the kettle…

  1. I have heard that you can use beer as a slug trap!

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