Garden Fairies….and the Super Full Moon…

The garden fairies have definitely been working in my garden! Look at this Pomegranate Flower Mandala surrounding my Pasilla Chile sproutlet

DSCN6444The garden has transformed

DSCN6442Especially since we have a new puppy…the family has been spending so much time in the garden

DSCN6441Need to cover with more soil…ASAP…Bodega Red Potatoes

DSCN6446Yellow Squash, Chard and Beets…Bush beans planted behind not sprouted yet…

DSCN6447Sunflower Row…Ever since the Super Full Moon and the water levels rose up and then we had two days of Rain…yes rain..which we have not had very much of at all this spring…

DSCN6449The plants have been leaping and bounding

DSCN6448And reaching for the sky…hopefully they can grow faster than the bugs can eat them!

DSCN6434Red Onions…Planted carrots three times this season next to these never sprouted a single one? hum?

DSCN6435DSCN6439Yes I did plant brassicas…because…sshhh… I have no idea what I am doing…isn’t it fun! Don’t tell anyone…

DSCN6453We have two Magnolia tress in the front yard. Last year they did not flower…This year they are in full bloom! YAY!

DSCN6455Our curbside is blanketed with Jasmine…when you walk by our house you are greeted with a sweet fragrance

We are celebrating birthdays, the end of another school year and the last few weeks of spring…

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One thought on “Garden Fairies….and the Super Full Moon…

  1. It all looks great! All that hard work you did is definitely paying off.

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