First Days of Summer in the Kitchen Garden

The weather has turned from hot to nice and cool today, even with a sprinkle or two of rain.

DSCN6557I need to weed…but I rationalized to myself that the weeds would be easier to pull if the ground was wet..

DSCN6559My plants always seem to be invigorated by the Full Moon.

DSCN6560We also celebrated the Summer Solstice. Very powerful time we are having.

DSCN6570Been using the Beets and Swiss Chard in our juices

DSCN6577Today I discovered the pickling cucumbers…wow…

DSCN6574I am going to have to get under there and start harvesting pretty soon..I had placed a trellis for them to climb…but not so much.

DSCN6578Thinking about the late Summer planting and getting some seedlings started

DSCN6569I love Sunflowers…those are Arugula below, I am going to let them flower because I  Arugula Flowers are yummy!

DSCN6555Today’s harvest…

DSCN6582And here is what I had for lunch…

Loving the Summer Kitchen Garden

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2 thoughts on “First Days of Summer in the Kitchen Garden

  1. PS- that zucchini from your garden is SO tasty! Chris, who normally finds pasta boring, LOVED it when I tossed pasta with your sauteed zucchini!

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