Bean Teepee in full glory

The bean teepee is in full glory today. We are harvesting beans daily to keep the vines producing.

DSCN6692My favorite view is definitely from the inside of the teepee.

DSCN6709I harvesting Pepperoncinis today for the first time. I will need to pickle them. I did not know that there are a few different varieties of these peppers. Mine are not the ones that will turn almost a yellow color, they stay greener.

DSCN6699 - CopyMy “Slow Bolt” Cilantro…bolted every 5 seconds. So I finally just decided to leave it alone and let it do whatever it wanted. Looks like I will be harvesting Coriander Seed.

DSCN6697 - CopyThe garden has reached a out of control level. I had to straw mulch because after the two inches of rain and then a week of temperatures over 100…I could not keep up with the weeds.

DSCN6694I am working on the plan for the Autumn garden. Need to get seeds planted ASAP.

DSCN6706Evening Sun Sunflowers

DSCN6712 - CopyRed Raspberries are starting to fruit

DSCN6702 - CopyDSCN6703


Tomatoes are hiding everywhere

DSCN6693I did find some with blossom end rot though. Not the whole plant just a few…Hum…not good. Anyone have any tips on how to prevent this?

DSCN6714 - CopyHope you are all enjoying the season. One month left to enjoy summer vacation with the boys.

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