The Tomato plants are fainting?

These plants are so heavy with fruit…it is crazy. The hubs says he has never seen such large tomato plants.

DSCN6723So in the past 48 hours three different plants have started to lay down..all branches sagging with tons of tomatoes.



Two of them are heirloom tomato plants that were volunteers in my neighbors garden.





She brought over four clumps in the spring. So they are surprise tomatoes. The other is a San Marzano. I have gently propped them up. I am just hoping the fruit all ripens.

DSCN6724I am getting prepared for tomato harvest. Getting all my supplies and recipes in order for the tomato preserving to begin!


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2 thoughts on “The Tomato plants are fainting?

  1. Angela… I have two large tomato plants in my yard that were volunteers, and because they were volunteers i didn’t do anything to prop them up in the beginning. The fruit is low to the ground because it is heavy, but I’m hoping that they ripen to maturity anyways!

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