Canning…seems a better name would be Jarring..

Pickling Pepperoncinis today. I learn something new every day. But I guess there are a few different varieties of these peppers. They look a little on the green side to me…but when I leave them on the plant to ripen further they turn a dark brownish red.

DSCN6770So I am going with these little mildly spicy guys. Yum. I love Pepperoncinis but have never pickled them myself.

DSCN6771I am also on Day 5 on making Sweet Chunk Pickles. I soaked in water for three days. Now we are soaking in a water and vinegar bath…the grape leaves are added for crispness aka crunch. I have about 4 more days to go before these get jarred up.

DSCN6773Making good progress on out food stores. Amazing with our little garden and my haphazard planting that I have so much to do every day to keep all blanched, frozen, fermenting and pickling. Having a lot of fun and learning a ton about this whole process!

Happy Homesteading!

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