First red tomato and tallest Sunflower (I have ever grown)

The stalk on this sunflower is like “Jack and the Beanstalk” two inch wide at the thickest point. It is so tall…we do not know how tall…the hubs think at least 12 feet.

DSCN6812As I was watering and generally snooping around my plants this morning …I found this…a spot of red in a field of green…YAY!!! They are turning red. Getting my jars ready for canning.

DSCN6805My newest “freegin” acquisition…a old broken down wheelbarrow. I am going to plant many different varieties of mint in it. Since “everyone” (who is that anyway) says that it will take over the garden. Better safe than minty…hee hee

DSCN6810Don’t tell Linus or Charlie Brown…we do have a pumpkin patch…No Great Pumpkin yet though.

DSCN6816Harvested Chamomile today to dry for tea.

DSCN6800Making Dilly Beans tomorrow and

DSCN6799More cucumbers….already made Spicy Dill Slices and have Sweet Chunk Pickles fermenting on my counter….think I will make Dill spears.

DSCN6803Starting my seedlings for our fall planting…

DSCN6813And just received my Baker Creek Seeds..which I need to get started after I finish this posting.

DSCN6798Actually time to start clearing out some of this to get ready for the direct sowing for fall.

DSCN6807Backyard mid-summer…

Happy Summer Garden Fun!

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4 thoughts on “First red tomato and tallest Sunflower (I have ever grown)

  1. You have one for the record books there. It might go above the roof. I just planted my collards and cabbage for fall, oh wow I love to watch seedlings grow up, lol. And yes, mint is SO invasive, but you can always pull it out if it starts to take over an area more than you wanted. Or, good idea, plant it in an old wheelbarrow!

  2. Looks great! That is the tallest sunflower I have EVER seen. What a monster!

  3. Your harvest looks great! I envy your beans, we had most of our bean seedlings eaten this year, but did get a few vines. My neighbor gave me his old wheelbarrow that he thought he would use one day in his yard. It has been sitting in my garage for the past few months.I think your idea to plant mint in a wheel barrow would be a great use! I just have to locate a spot for our old wheelbarrow. I may plant some shallow rooted plants šŸ™‚ robbie

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