The vibrant colors of summer…

This season has been one of pure joy for me. The garden is amazing! Every morning I am out in the garden checking on things. Harvesting…watering…weeding…argh!

DSCN6824But I have so much joy looking at the array of beautiful vegetables on my kitchen counter…that I grew! ouch…that was me pinching myself…

DSCN6823The colors of summer are so vibrant and beautiful

DSCN6826I just want to sit down and paint a still life each day

DSCN6822Sharing my abundant harvest has also been a great joy

DSCN6830We exchanged zucchini for red flame grapes

DSCN6831Another neighbor had a tree heavy with peaches…we traded her some Purple Pole Beans for five pounds of peaches.

DSCN6833And we made 8 pints of Vanilla Bean infused Peach Preserves…yum!

DSCN6827Enjoy your summer color palette! I think I will go paint…

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2 thoughts on “The vibrant colors of summer…

  1. My mouth is watering! Those pictures really tell it all—-Sun flowers are beautiful, too.
    The bunnies ate our bush and pole beans to the ground in the spring. We are just starting to get some pole beans that I had to finally ( restart 4 times)move where I play with our dogs. The chipmunks and bunnies are too afraid to go near our dogs “hang out” area. Oh, to have grapes like that….well, I better stop ohhing and ahhing-lol-…….
    amazing harvest:-)robbie

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