Week of Abundance

What a week of abundant overflow! This is our first Watermelon we have harvested. I have 2 more on the vine.

DSCN6867We bartered tomatoes and Swiss Chard for 15 pounds of organic pears from Healdsburg.

DSCN6922We made Pear Butter, Spiced whole pears and Pear halves in a light syrup.

DSCN6860One neighbor has beautiful grapes in three varieties that she shared with us.

DSCN6916I am house siting for another neighbor…who’s tomatoes decided to kick into full gear while she was away.

DSCN6877So we made some Heirloom Tomato Salsa

DSCN6906Our garden is still producing full force…yes zucchini…I have to hide them now my family can’t look at another one. This week I made Ratatouille…

DSCN6903Harvested and now drying/curing my red torpedo onions. They did not get as big as I would have liked…our 4 month old puppy thought this was the best bed to play in…

DSCN6890The herbs are flourishing and I am cutting and using and also drying them. I have them hanging all over in the garage.

DSCN6894And more…

DSCN6874I did some major clean up this week …seems a little depressing now after all the wonderful greenery. Front yard…ready for fall plantings…which I have sprouted

DSCN6885I have so many beans in the freezer it wont close so the rest of the beans on the teepee will be saved for seed for next year and seed exchange at the local grange.

DSCN6884Sunflowers all gone…til next year…Still have a few in the backyard.

DSCN6893I love my world here. I love my family and I am so blessed for this reality.


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6 thoughts on “Week of Abundance

  1. Isn’t it great when you see all that wonderful food, and you do feel blessed to share it with your family, neighbors and friends! Your space is beautiful that you have created, and that just makes one feel so at peace… You have some beautiful food that you grew, shared and bartered. Your poor neighbor–I would be sad to miss my heirloom tomatoes!lol I envy those grapes:-)

    • Yes. It is just amazing the abundance we have created in such a short time. I feel very blessed and at peace..you are so correct. Oh neighbor home today and there are plenty of tomatoes ready for her…I hope to plant some grape vines this year…Thanks for following along 🙂

  2. I’ve been following you since you started that garden in the spring and I’m here to say: WoW, you did GOOD! Congratulations on a successful garden!

  3. This fills my heart with joy! I was also just talking with my coworker about ratatouille! Which I really need to try making! Tell me when your pumpkins come in, I will come over and help you preserve them in exchange for a can 😉

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