The Bodega Red Potatoes have arrived!

We dug up one of the two potato towers last night.

DSCN6930I really did not think we had any potatoes.

DSCN6933Because they budded and then the buds dropped off. I think I had one flower. I thought flowers = potatoes…

DSCN6931Well I am glad that I was incorrect in my novice assumption.

DSCN6935There are small ones…

DSCN6936And there are larger ones…

DSCN6934So about 10 – 15 pounds out of one tower. And I only planted 4 seed potatoes in each one. Pretty good..Now on to reading up on how to store these little gems.

But tonite someone is having the best potatoes of their life for dinner!



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3 thoughts on “The Bodega Red Potatoes have arrived!

  1. Having watched what you did, now I’ll have to try that next year. Thanks! Have a good dinner!

  2. Who needs to gamble when you can grow food! Plant 4 seed potatoes and see what you get:-) Those look good. My purple peruvian fingerlings were eaten by my racoons or ground hog. I laid them out and over night they were picked up by him on his nightly travel across the backyard city…

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