Canning and Drying

DSCN7006I dried a lot of basil this year.

DSCN7147Basil (front and back), Thyme, Amaranth Seeds (from Arcola Gardens)

DSCN7007All the Trionfo Violetto Beans that I left on the vines to dry. I am not sure if these can be eaten dry…but I will definitely use these as seeds come spring time. These were some of the best beans we have ever eaten.

DSCN7148Borlotti Beans, (only harvested a few because sweet puppy daisy decided to eat through the vines at the ground) Trionfo Violetto Beans, Mammoth Sunflower Seeds, Dried Pepperoncinis

DSCN7155Drying this Basil for the seeds

DSCN6996Dried the dill flowers

DSCN7146Coriander, Chamomile Flowers, Dill Seed

DSCN7151Jams that are left…Watmaugh Strawberry Jam was a huge hit…it is all gone. And of course in my house you can never make enough Apple Butter. Luckily I can still make some more of that.

DSCN7153Did not can as much Tomato product as I would have like. Also have used quite a bit of crushed and whole tomatoes already. I made salsa, whole tomato, crushed tomato, pizza sauce and roasted tomato 3-day marinara sauce…that was so good that it is all gone already.

DSCN7154Pepperoncinis. Dill pickles, Sweet pickles, Pickled Beets…

DSCN7152Pear halves in syrup, Spiced Whole Pears, Applesauce, Apple Butter

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