Frozen Kitchen Garden has been unusually cold here in the North Bay

DSCN7215A little hard to tell from the pics but it has been in the low 20’s here at night.

DSCN7218My winter garden is putting up a good fight…but I think I planted just a wee bit late. Live and learn. This is my first year trying to grow over fall and winter.

DSCN7222The shallots and leeks are loving it…actually growing and new sprouts are all over.DSCN7229The rest are surviving but not particularly flourishing

DSCN7223They do perk up in the afternoon when the sun comes out

DSCN7221Arugula, lettuce and spinach

DSCN7213All this volunteer Chamomile has sprouted up all over..Who knew it is a cold lover!

DSCN7228Happy Winter season from our little garden to yours!

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2 thoughts on “Frozen Kitchen Garden

  1. Kale is the King in the Winter Garden!:-)

  2. Grow on! We live and learn……..and garden better the next time.

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