Garlic and Shallots

My garden is so confused. Not sure which season it is. With the lack of rain and the sunny days my plants have started to bolt a bit. DSCN7442This is the first year that I tried my hand at garlic and shallots. I ordered them back in September and planted in the late fall. They have really sprouted up after our last rain. So interesting the whole area smells like garlic, I did not think that the growing plants would have such a delicious odor. Can wait to harvest later this year.

DSCN7446My front garden is looking really beautiful as some of the brassicas have flowered because we can only eat so much broccoli, cauliflower, rapini and romanesco! They look lovely and taste yummy too.

DSCN7450In my keyhole bed I have a mixture of shallots, leeks and Welsh bunching onions. They are all loving this weather.

DSCN7454Artichoke is going gang-busters, after it all but died off last year.

DSCN7449Celery…slowly but surely.

DSCN7448Need to harvest some Spinach and Paris Island Cos Lettuce.

DSCN7455Brussels Sprouts…I wonder what these are going to do? That is why I love the garden so much always some new development that will surprise me and the boys.

DSCN7452Weeding this morning and pulled out a few baby carrots with a Dandelion. They were delicious. Getting ready to start some sprouts for our spring/summer garden.



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One thought on “Garlic and Shallots

  1. Just beautiful and productive. Love your key hole garden in front yard! Wait till you taste that garlic it is amazing. I grow my own for pesto + I can’t imagine never growing my own again:-)

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